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ezine and newsletterFirst of all let’s understand what the word ezine or e-zine (my spell checker prefers the latter) means. It’s a word that came into being with the massive expansion of the Internet to describe a magazine or newsletter delivered by electronic means.

Of course, you only have to look on the shelves of your local newsagent to see that magazines and newspapers are still popular enough to justify the cost of publication, but it is not the price you have to pay for the magazine or newspaper, since the publisher would have long gone out of business if that’s all he had to rely on. It’s the advertising revenue.

The balance between these two main income streams depends upon the product itself and the target audience or market. After all, we are talking about Information Products here and the volume and quality of information can and does vary significantly.

At the high end of the market, we have the ‘glossy magazine’ with a high level of good quality content, for which you pay a high price compared to the lowest end of the market ‘free newspaper’ with a low level of bad quality content, often only sufficient enough to call it a newspaper at all. To all intents and purposes, it’s just an advertising leaflet handed to commuters on their journey to or from work.

They read the trashy content merely to kill time on their commute and they probably don’t even realize it’s the subliminal advertising content they absorb that pays for the publication and, therefore, keeps the publisher in business.

Of course, even at the high end, advertising plays an important role too, albeit in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

So what has all this to do with the Internet?

An ezine or newsletter is doing much the same thing as it’s offline equivalent, but the metrics are very different.

Of course, offline publications have their subscribers, but online it’s all about attracting people to your e-zine or newsletter and building a relationship with them. It is much more personal.

To be successful, it takes time to build your list and you keep their loyalty by providing good quality and honest information and advice in whatever niche you are covering. You establish trust.

It’s not about bombarding them with affiliate links to products arbitrarily. The trust only comes from recommending and therefore promoting products or services you have tried and tested yourself and, therefore, worthy of your very own ‘kitemark’.

The products or services you recommend must appear secondary to the content of your e-zine or newsletter and only promote as an aside. For example, towards the end of your quality content, you say something like “ I have been looking for a product to satisfy my need for….and having bought XYZ, I have put it to the test and I can say that it ticks all the boxes and cannot recommend it highly enough for those of you who have a similar need.

It’s a good idea not to promote something in every issue of your e-zine or newsletter, because your readers will start to believe that that is your main purpose.

Compared to offline marketing, a good quality e-zine or newsletter can generate a substantial income at minimal cost if done correctly.

Your e-zine or newsletter can be distributed by email to thousands of opt-in subscribers for free. The only cost is time for doing the research and preparing what it is you want to say.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.


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  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply April 26, 2014

    Hi Richard

    I have thought about both since joining this programme, but more as something to consider when I have a list to which to promote.

    I suppose as long as it is not seen just as a set of sales pages promoting multi-offers and stuffed with affiliate links then you can get some good mileage out of them

    I think having good content with some sales links is OK and, as you say, if you have tried and used the products successfully then these are the best to promote!

    Would be interested to know how you get on if you do start one of these?

    Best of luck

    Dave Thomas recently posted…Grumpy Old Man – On The BusesMy Profile

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