P2S Training – Week 1 – WordPress

wordpress blogThe overall task was to set up a WordPress blog and write the first post.

The first task was to “find a suitable domain to reflect who you are” and JT recommended your actual name in FirstNameSurname.com format in order to build an online presence, which he considers essential to be successful with the P2S program.

In my case RichardTaylor.com, or if that’s not available go for something like RichardTaylorOnline.com.

After playing around and doing some research, clearly Richard Taylor is quite common. However, I found that if I typed Richard G M Taylor into Google search (G M being my middle initials), I was already listed at number one of the natural search results pointing to an article directory to which I had submitted a series of articles a few years ago, using the same format for my name…I can’t remember why now, but probably for the same reasoning. So I decided to continue with that for my blog domain. www.RichardGMTaylor.com/blog

JT recommended d9 Hosting for domain registration and hosting. I already use GoDaddy for domain registration and Hostgator for hosting. I decided to continue using GoDaddy for my new domain registration but, being already aware of problems with Hostgator, decided to move all my hosting over to d9 Hosting. I have to say that it was done seamlessly with only a couple of glitches , which were sorted out very quickly. All I had to do was change the name servers at GoDaddy, which was not a problem for me, but d9 even offered to that for me as part of the excellent service.

Incidentally, to be fair on Hostgator, I have been with them for a few years and personally never had a problem, but a few months ago they were taken over and I have heard that there are some issues, particularly with regards to support.

P2S members are already converted, but anyone else reading this is strongly recommended to take a look at d9 Hosting. They are UK based (being from the UK myself that is a big +) with servers in the UK and USA (you can choose)

So, with the domain up and running, it was then a simple matter of using the WP shortcut feature on the D9 cPanel to install the WordPress blog. (easier than Hostgator which uses Fantastico, which whilst still easy, is a little more complicated to set up).

All that remained for this week was to prepare the blog for editing, update some settings and write my first blog post.

Setting up a personal email account was an optional task, but I strongly recommend people do this. It is very easily done from the cPanel and I always set up 3 emails – richard@, info@ and admin@richardgmtaylor.com and redirect all 3 to my main email account, which saves having to log into the server each time you want to check your emails.

The only task for week 1 I haven’t completed is reading The Go Giver – the reason being, I am currently in the Czech Republic and I ordered it via Amazon and it hasn’t arrived yet. JT is very keen that to succeed with the P2S program we must develop the right mindset. I think reading this book is part of that process.



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