P2S Training – Week 11 & 12 – Research and Mind Mapping


  • Peter Jackson

    Reply Reply May 8, 2014

    Hi Richard. I’m trying to research my subject, like you I have found several that have no gravity weight, yet it is a broad subject (email marketing) I have registered 2 domain names.

    As for mind mapping like you the good old pencil and paper is what I am used to, but I do find the software fascinating.
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  • Thanks for your comment Peter, yes email marketing is a broad subject, but I’m sure will sell well if you create something that stands out from the crowd..good luck with it.
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  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply May 8, 2014

    Great stuff Richard, looks like you’re really starting to run with this now.

    I’m not quite at your stage yet but totally agree about the iThoughts HD App, brilliant piece of software.

    I wasn’t sure at first but they’ve got some great ‘How-to’ guides on the iThoughts site, went through those and 30 mins later was making some great mind-maps (well they looked good anyway!).

    Really surprised about how you can transfer mind-maps between your iPad & Windows PC as well, all over WiFi, very impressive.

    Looking forward to the launch of your product Richard, sounds like a great one.

    I’ve always found Info Graphics to be very effective in getting even the most complicated message across, very easily.

    Please keep us informed, sounds like a very exciting idea.


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    • Thanks for you kind comments Jon, I’m sure you are not that far behind me. As I said to you on the FB Group yesterday, I recommend you talk to JT about your particular concerns. He certainly made me feel a lot better about my issues when trying to choose a product. I personally think that this ‘proof’ issue is a bit of a red herring.

      I’m not sure if you can access iThoughtHD on a Windows pc. Of course you can access DropBox from a Windows pc and maybe you can view your maps from there, since they all seem to use a similar file protocol, but I’m not sure if you would be able to work on them from there.

      Thanks again and good luck with your progress.


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  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for your support. My domain is easy-infographics.com…have you not been following my posts on fb? This domain was suggested by Darren Hudson and was voted the winner in the survey I carried out on fb. He wins a free copy of my product when it’s launched.
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  • Torsten Müller

    Reply Reply May 9, 2014

    Hi Richard,

    congrats on taking the next step and making a great decision.

    Infographics can explain the most complicated contexts in an easy way and make it understandable for everybody. A picture tells more than thousand words, that’s why so many people love to share those infographics.

    As everybody loves their content to be shared, I think a product that explains how to do infographics ourselves rather than using those created by some agencies can do very well and I am looking forward to yours.

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  • Hi Torsten,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Making the decision was relatively easy once I had come up with the idea. The hard bit starts now…actually creating the product, but I’m looking forward to it with lots of enthusiasm.
    Richard G M Taylor recently posted…P2S Training – Week 11 & 12 – Research and Mind MappingMy Profile

  • Romi

    Reply Reply May 10, 2014

    Hey Richard,

    You are really on a roll, eh. I’m actually just over week 9 now and will be starting on week 10 tomorrow. Before starting the niche selection though, I already have a product in mind.

    Just like you, I hope I can strike a decent outcome from that. Looking forward on your product development. I will be watching that with anticipation. Hope you can strike it big.

    All The Best,
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  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply May 11, 2014


    Glad that you have now decided on your product and the product name (as per the Facebook comments) and I await more information and a chance to assist with product testing!

    I’ve a product idea and been mind mapping the structure so hopefully I’ll be catching you up soon?

    I think this is now an interesting stage in the P2S programme and where, I believe, we might lose some members, but those of us who continue will be better and stronger for our next product!

    And it is good that we are all at different stages of product development so that we are not all launching at the same time.

    To your success

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    • Hi Dave, thanks for your comments, I agree that we will all start to spread out a little now that we have reached the product development stage. I’ve decided on a product, given it a name thanks to the P2S Facebook Group and the graphics are done. All I need to do now is create the product:-)
      Richard G M Taylor recently posted…P2S Training – Week 11 & 12 – Research and Mind MappingMy Profile

  • Pauline

    Reply Reply July 3, 2014

    Hi Richard, you are doing great. I think people will be eager to learn more about infographics.

    I am still at my research stage and haven’t really decided on a specific topic yet.

    I am getting dizzy with research.

    Thank you for your post
    Take care
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  • Thanks Pauline, I just left a comment on your blog…I look forward to hearing more about your product choice in due course…

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