P2S Training – Week 3 – Autoresponder

autoresponderOk, well this proved to be quite an easy week for me since I already have an autoresponder set up with Aweber, which as it happens is the provider recommended by John Thornhill.
For my readers who are new to this, let me first explain what an autoresponder is:

Basically, an autoresponder is an email program, which enables you to send an email to a whole list of subscribers simultaneously. The email list is managed by the autoresponder and it can manage many different lists independently. It is an essential tool within an Internet Marketer’s tool kit.

To create a list of subscribers, you install what is known as a sign up (sometimes known as opt-in or contact) form on your website. When someone wants to sign up/ subscribe to your list, they simply enter their name and email address and click on the subscribe button. You can see an example of this form near the top of the right hand sidebar of this blog…in my case it says “Connect with Richard” rather than simply “subscribe” but it’s essentially the same thing.

That then sends your details to the autoresponder, which then responds by sending you an email asking you to confirm that you are happy to receive emails from them. Once you have confirmed, then you are added to the list of subscribers. This is known as double opt-in because you filled in the opt-in form on the website and confirmed by replying to the subsequent email.

Some autoresponders will allow you to build a list from the first opt-in alone (single opt-in), but this is discouraged because it creates a ‘weak’ list with potential repercussions. For example, someone may have entered your details in the web form without your knowledge. Of course some people are fickle and simply change their mind.

Each email that a subscriber gets from you should have a clear link (usually at the bottom of the email) which allows you to unsubscribe. Reputable auto responder providers such as Aweber will not allow you to communicate with your subscribers without these simple precautions.

It’s not just about creating a mailing list, a good autoresponder provider such as Aweber allows you to create a series of emails which can then be sent out at predetermined intervals…and many other features which makes your life as an Internet Marketer a lot easier when communicating with your lists.

In the training, JT talks about creating 3 lists, a prospect list, a customer list and an affiliate list. He also talks about other things we can do with lists which which will “blow you away”, which will revealed further into the P2S program…so watch this space:-)

I’m looking forward to week 4.


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