P2S Training – Week 7 – Legal Stuff

legal noticesThe first task this week was to download, install and activate a plugin which provides legal notices on our blog. It is necessary to ensure that your visitors are fully aware of what they can and cannot do when on your site, covering such things as copyright, intellectual property, privacy policy, cookies, affiliate disclosure etc etc.

Not all the documents included in the package are applicable to all sites/blogs, so it is necessary only to activate and customise those that are relevant to your own site/blog.

We were shown how to add images to our posts to make them more attractive, not only on the blog itself but JT demonstrated how such an image can add life to posts that are shared on social media sites such as Facebook. My blog post How to Make Affiliate Links More Effective explains another useful trick.

We were also shown how to add videos to our blog posts. They can be your own custom made videos or relevant videos posted on YouTube. Working with video is something entirely new to me, so I need to spend some time learning more about this before adding any to my site, but I can appreciate that there are clearly benefits in doing this. In my view, they have to be entirely relevant to the post, look professional and above all, add value for your visitor.

JT showed us how to schedule pre-written blog posts to appear at set dates or intervals on your blog and to synchronise them with emails from your auto responder. I think this is particularly useful to ensure your blog is updated on a regular basis, especially during holiday periods and at other times when you are busy doing other things or you are simply going through a period of writers block:-)

We are starting to get into some really meaty stuff now that the basics have been covered.

I’m looking forward to week 8.



  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply March 28, 2014

    Hi Richard, I haven’t tackled week 7 yet but it looks like that legal plugin is going to be very handy indeed!

    To be honest if it wasn’t part of the P2S course (and you hadn’t reminded me!) it’s the sort of thing that could be easily overlooked.

    It’s strange isn’t it? One of the most important things in this day and age (thinking litigation and getting sued!)can be at the bottom of our priority list!

    Look forward to reading more.



  • Richard G M Taylor

    Reply Reply April 1, 2014

    Thanks Nigel, definitely on my list of priorities.

  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply April 4, 2014

    Well hello Richard, The legal plugin is a great way to defeat the blank page that stares at us as we consider the necessary legal pages for our sites. Of course as you point out, not all the pages are required as it depends upon what jurisdiction you have selected for your site. For me as a resident of a EU country I am blessed with laws that have a better understanding of the business dynamics than our US counterparts thus many of the draconian laws of the Internet can be ignored, DCMA for instance.


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